About Us

About us

Is maintaining your website and adding content taking up your time & money?

We are dedicated to giving you fast, user friendly websites that pop and reliable ongoing website SEO services. At the foundation of it all is the authentic and quality content. We use it to help your website stand above the rest and drive targeted traffic to help increase your revenue. We understand doing all of the heavy lifting of your digital media needs on your own takes time away from your core business activities. That's where we come in. With us, you have the digital media partner that works as your in-house team. Benefits of having a dedicated team that understands your business goals coupled with not having to pay employee related taxes and fees generates multiple upsides with no downsides.

Our Mission

Growing your business IS our business

Early on our path of website design we realized how important quality content and SEO services are for businesses to be found and grow reach. We had clients asking for website with stock content. Or low quality content shot from a phone. We recognized the need to combine services and quickly pivoted to our offering. By combining high end photo/video service with website design & SEO we are able to provide your users with the authentic, high end quality they respect, and able to provide your business increased revenue. This is not to say we won't build websites without photo/video services, but we stress the importance of authentic and quality content at all times. Come tag along with us on our journey to internet domination. Growing your business IS our business. We stand by you in every way.

Apart from the businesses transitioning to having a stronger online presence, we are seeing more start-ups be founded each year. Many of whom aren't sure where to start their process and may not have access to low cost options. With the booming small business service industry in the greater Houston area, we see HVAC services, TV-Mounting, Smart Home Setups, Maid Services, Mobile Services (Car Detailing, Carpet Washing, Power Washing, etc) Landscaping companies all over Facebook & Instagram. Many of who (successfully) run their entire business on Social Media platforms. While there are many factors to a successful business, one thing we can all agree on is a well designed & maintained website adds a level of professionalism that will help your business grow.

Our Team

Giri Kulkarni

Owner / Digital Director

Tina Zucker

Project Manager

LouAnn Trischler

Social Media Manager

Jhera Paralejas

Graphic Designer

Gaurav Vats

Web Dev & SEO Specialist

Rebecca Tarrant

JD. Legal Content Writer

Johnny Luu

Professional Videographer