Automotive Marketing

Automotive SEO in Houston

Automotive clients require a unique blend of high end content, market knowledge and SEO. We introduced our Automotive Media Pro package just for that. We capture the content, produce it, and use it for your website and marketing. We then optimize the content for your keywords and high volume search terms, helping you reach the top. Whether you're a dealer, service provider, selling parts, or all the above - we can help you. We have managed Auto Media Pro services for Duggys Garage and multiple other projects.


Why it matters?

If people view your automotive website, but your content is not high end, the first impression suffers

  • Equipment matters. With nearly $15K in hardware & software, we produce visually stunning pieces of content for your website and media
  • Strong automotive knowledge. Years of being in the car scene and working with niche automotive specialists leads to knowing what your audience wants
  • A foundation in SEO. You want your website to show up on top for your niche. If you're a JDM tuner, you want to be the website for JDM tuners in your city
  • Page speed makes a difference. You need a mobile friendly website with your photos and videos on it. We take content of your shop in action and post it to your website
  • Digital ads. If you are selling automotive parts plus installing them, we take content of your equipment install, optimize it and post it on paid ads across the internet
  • Press releases. If you are moving to a new location or expanding locations, having a press release in major outlets is what you need. Let us write it and post it for you
  • Car shows. If you participate in car shows we send our videographer to the car show and shoot content of you, your cars at car shows. Great way to build followers
  • Monthly Metric Reviews. Whether you're a dealership or service provider, we meet with you 1x per month to review growth. Sell more cars, take more bookings and sell more equipment.

Having industry knowledge

We have worked with automotive industry shops from writing to tagging suppliers, our content captures the attention of the high end brands you use to upgrade your customers vehicles. We know the car scene. From JDM imports to Cummins swapped 4x4's, we have captured content of it all. Using that experience, we curate content your audience will engage with, like, and share.


Auto Media Pro

Auto Media Pro is the one-stop-shop for Houston automotive shops. 4K content, trending reels, SEO, website design, press releases and digital ads. The idea is that as a shop owner, having consistently fresh content, optimized for your website and published for you allows you to keep your mind focused on what you do best.

More clicks, more sales

We help expand your sales by optimizing your high end content for higher clicks and click through rates