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We noticed early on in our SEO journey that law firms have a higher need for our services in their very competitive digital landscape. Hyperlocal SEO is the true solution. But many SEO providers are either too small to take on the task, or too large to care about client retention. We are located in Houston, TX but provide SEO services for any US based law firm. We positioned ourselves purposefully in the middle where we can help achieve fantastic outcomes for law firm clients while building meaningful relationships together in the process. Whether you are a sole practitioner or have multiple partners leading your firm, your need for a digital footprint is ever growing. With our legal media pro package, you get a dedicated content creator, ads expert and we even have a lawyer on our team who writes content for you. You can then use our services with trust and confidence to grow your leads, increase conversions and retain more clients.

Law Firm Web Design Services

Drive More Law Firm Leads with on page law firm SEO

There are simple, but impactful changes we can make to your existing website, or design a new website all together. Using SEO at the foundation, we do our research to provide you a strong foundation for your website


Your website won’t attract traffic if it’s not optimized. That’s why our law firm web design agency provides search engine optimization (SEO) to ensure your site gets search visibility and therefore gain organic traffic. With SEO, your website generates more leads and clients to your practice.


Create a tailored website with the help of our law firm web design experts. From page layouts, graphic design, logos and color themes, you can work closely with our law firm web designers to craft the website you’ve visualized for your practice. Our web design company for law firms got you covered.


From web page copy to blog posts, our copywriter (who also holds a JD) delivers content that boosts your website’s visibility and conversion rates. We’ve included content creation as a part of our law firm web design services to ensure that your audience not only visits a beautifully designed site, but with insightful content that pushes visitors to turn into leads.


Thrive relies on WordPress for all its websites because the platform is user-friendly and simple to understand. Our law firm web design experts build beautiful WordPress websites for our clients. With our customized and SEO-ready websites, your law firm is bound to see growth.


More people use their mobile phones to browse the web. This means your site should be responsive, so it looks great regardless of what device your viewers are using. Our law firm web designers implement standard responsive web design techniques to keep all visitors on your page without any display or functionality issues.


Our web design team builds tailor-made websites for all our clients. When it comes to standing out, we make sure we help you do just that with unique, well-designed sites. We believe your business is one-of-a-kind and your website should be too.


Your website needs to be fast, secure and reliable at all times. That’s why our law firm web design agency offers fast and reliable website hosting. With our web design company for law firm ’s premium web hosting, your site can handle any amount of bandwidth and traffic spikes.


We have videographers we can send to your Law Office to shoot and produce catching, 4K content. From drones to POV, we got you covered. The footage is then produced into a high end 4K result to be used on websites, social media and digital ads


Reach out to your prospects and grow your client base by choosing email marketing as one of your law firm web design services. Thrive will launch monthly newsletters that promote your website content and share any company announcements.

Proven Law Firm Web Design Results

Law Offices of Colby Lewis


400% +

Keyword Rank

Top 10 in 3 months

The Law Offices of Colby Lewis, in Houston who represents clients for personal injury, business litigation, storm damage claims and construction defects was in need of multiple websites and SEO services. We built and manage 4 separate websites targeting his audience and manage his social media & digital ads too.

Why Choose Gulf Coast Website Design

Drive More Leads For Your Law Firm

We make sure that you get all the law firm web design services you need. We also offer social media marketing and pay-per-click (PPC) marketing to support your online campaigns. Our law firm web design experts take a good look at your requirements and recommend the services that will help you reach your goals.

We Are Client-Centric

We take our time to learn about your Law Firm, and their goals for creating a website. Our web team works closely with our clients to develop the perfect website built with the client’s vision and our designer’s coding and development expertise.

We Have Proven Experience

Starting as a web design company in 2017, we have launched multiple websites over the years. Our time-tested experience enables us to deliver top-notch web design services to Law Firms that boost your revenue and brand awareness.

We Are Honest

We never resort to dishonesty when dealing with our clients. Honesty is part of our core company values, which pushes us to serve our clients with sincerity and integrity. We always tell our clients the truth, from data transparency to our pricing structure.

We Use Clean Code

We conduct intensive quality control to ensure our websites are free from errors and bugs down to the last line of code. Our web designers enforce clean code when building websites, which means it makes your site stable and reliable no matter what changes are made.

JD Content Writer

Our JD Content writer performs about 2000 words per day giving you crafted, elegant and factual legal copy to be used on your website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Law Firm Websites typically take us 4-6 weeks.

We have access to stock photos, or we offer photo/video session and can post your content on your website

SEO is the process of building links, profiles, and keyword rank to increase your page rank. We perform these services for your law firm to organically attract more clicks & leads.

Law Firm SEO takes time, as it does with all SEO. Typically we are able to see results in 3 months but we request 12 month contracts to ensure results in a competitive space

We setup properties using Google Analytics to understand performance. We also provide monthly metrics data to review performance 1-1


The Law Offices of Colby Lewis

More Than Website Design, A Partner in Marketing

Website design and branding is just the beginning of how we help lawyers grow their business. Our marketing experts help law firms become more visible to people looking online for an attorney, and we provide support on how to nurture existing clients and referral sources to generate more work. Whether you have marketing top of mind when heading into a website design project with us, or you want to explore your options after launch, we will partner with you to decide on the services that make sense for your firm. We do not require long-term commitments for our services, but we are committed to creating long-term relationships with our clients. We hold ourselves accountable to delivering results each month and, in collaboration with you, adapting your plan as needed to drive more quality leads.

What Makes Us Different?

Combined Services

As a law firm, you are already busy. You don't need to source multiple parties to produce an end result. You need a digital director

Content Creation

Along with showcasing your wins and settlements, as lawyers, you need to be more approachable. Let us create trendy, and quality content for your law firm making you more relatable than ever before

Data Driven Results

Leads & cases; ultimately the only thing that matters to a law firm is the number of leads and cases they receive from investing in SEO. We track, analyze and report on the number of leads you gain from our SEO services.

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