Cutthroat Barbers Local SEO Strategy

Use Case

Cutthroat Barbers


Local Business, Barbershop


Houston, TX


Low conversions, no SEO, low rank


Increased conversions by 22% and page 1 rank on all keywords

Cutthroat Barbers' Pain Points

Not ranking

Cutthroat Barbers was on page 10+ for their high volume keywords like "Barbershop near me"

Hard to find "Book Now" Button

Users were landing on pages without "Book now" buttons and leaving causing lower conversions

Google Business Profile Issues

Missing info, low rank and no replies to reviews. The Google Business Profile was suffering

Finding Talented Barbers

Finding talent is hard but with no "careers" page to accept applications, their search for talented barbers was difficult

Our Solutions

SEO Strategy

Identified keywords totaling in 15K searches per month. Implemented white-hat SEO techniques growing their page rank from 10+ to page 1.

CRO Strategy

Conversion Rate Optimization strategy implemented by moving or adding "book now" buttons on every page. Conversion rates are nearly 80%, up from 60%

Google Business Rank

With 3 separate locations, we improved their Google Business rank to top 3 in their respective areas for high volume keywords. This resulted in more bookings

More Bookings, More Barbers

Our actions resulted in ~300 more bookings per month than the previous average. Also by creating a "careers" page, they were able to accept applications from talented Barbers with ease

Tools We Use for Project Management for SEO research & strategy

White-Hat (Google approved) SEO Techniques to increase rank

Google Analytics (GA4) to understand user engagement and behavior