Duggys Garage Digital Media Strategy

Use Case

Duggys Garage


Automotive Specialty Shop


Houston, TX


No time for marketing


Large growth in social media & website clicks

Duggys Pain Points

No Time

Duggys Garage grew quickly as the premiere Toyota 4x4 go-to shop. All the success brought time constraints that impacted their digital marketing


Duggys Garage had not invested in SEO. This allowed shops of smaller magnitude to rank above them in local search

Poor Website

Original website was built on Shopify but they weren't selling products. The website was not representative of their brand

Dead Social Media

Unable to post consistently, their followers were deprived of content. Audiences in the Toyota 4x4 niche are passionate and always waiting for more

Our Solutions

Content Strategy

Weekly content shoots to produce 4K content showing off their classic Toyota 4x4 trucks. Our strategy gave them what they were waiting for

SEO Strategy

Keyword research and competitor analysis for identifying their path to #1

Optimized Website Design

Designed a new optimized website with optimized content that is authentically theirs. The website now represents their brand image and brought in 20% more clicks than before

Optimized Social Media

With ALT Tags in hand, all the content is optimized and posted to social media 7x per week leading to 60%+ growth in followers

Tools We Use

Monday.com for project management

Sony A7IV, Adobe Suite, CapCut for content

SEMRush.com for SEO research & strategy

Google Analytics (GA4) Tags implemented