Mayor of Missouri City, TX: Robin Elackatt

Use Case

Digital Director for Missouri City, TX Mayoral Campaign 2020, 2022 and 2025


Political Campaign


Missouri City, TX


Setting up & maintaining digital infrastructure for political campaign


2 websites with donation functionality coupled with social media marketing campaign. Mayor Robin is the back-to-back winner

Robin's Pain Points

COVID19 Pandemic

The COVID19 Pandemic and the shutdown that ensued created a massive emphasis on the digital demand to reach the masses

Political Polarization

The polarized political atmosphere currently in the US made it difficult to win people "on both sides of the aisle"

No Website

Robin didn't have a website setup for his campaign and campaign donations were minimal, therefore unable to support large scale digital needs

No Social Media

Robin relied on his strong suite of soft skills with people and management. But his audience did not have insights into him, or his campaign

Our Solutions

A Clean Slate

We establish Mayor Robin's social media accounts, started creating content and publishing it for him. This freed up his time and let him focus on taking donations and meeting with key constituents

Digital Marketing

Upon complying with the Meta Political Ad Campaign standards and receiving certification to advertise for political campaigns, we created social media ads that were captivating and motivating to his constituents

Campaign Donations

We created two websites with donation functionality allowing his friends, family and supporters to contribute to Robin's political campaigns.

Campaign Database

Upon building his website and driving traffic, we also collected lead forms from potential volunteers and contributors. This armed Robin with the info he needed to create mailers and further motivate his constituents to vote for him

Tools We Use for Project Management

Sony A7IV, Adobe Suite, CapCut for content for SEO research & strategy

Google Search Console insights for website traffic insights