Republic Grand Ranch Case Study

Use Case

Republic Grand Ranch, a Patten Property project. 3 generations of Land Development expertise


Property Management / Land Sales


Willis, TX (Montgomery County)


Massive property management company with multiple projects needing help executing their organic digital strategy


Keyword research leading to optimized ALT Tags for 4K content. Published content on multiple platforms, multiple times per week

Republic Grand Ranch Pain Points

Family owned & operated

Being family owned & operated lead to gaps in the marketing strategy. Specifically organic reach was nearly 0%

Unclear target market

Unclear exactly who their target market is, RGR (Patten Properties) was at a loss for what resonates with their audience


Republic Grand Ranch & Patten Properties had not performed SEO on their websites leading to being outranked by lower quality competitors

Content Generation

Republic Grand Ranch desired a system in which the content they produce can be efficiently published to social media

Our Solutions

SEO Strategy

We helped identify keywords and volumes allowing us to strategize based on what is being searched

Customer Avatar

We asked questions, studied the niche and analyzed competitors to understand who the target market is. We created a customer avatar which allowed us to further drill down on the market and segments we are targeting

Creating 4K Content

Working with their in-house content creator, we setup a system for him to shoot and produce Reels, Posts and story content across 7+ social media platforms

Social Media Management

We optimized the content with Alt tags & titles then moved to publishing it. We hold bi-monthly content reviews to align on strategy and tone

Tools We Use for project management for SEO research

Google Analytics for data tracking